MIT SMR’s Big Ideas Research Reports


Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence

The 2017 Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy Report offers companies a starting point for developing an AI strategy.


Achieving Digital Maturity

Digitally maturing companies are achieving success by increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping their approach to talent.


Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads

MIT SMR and BCG’s final sustainability research report offers eight lessons for sustainable business.


Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

The 2017 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review finds that companies that embraced analytics have begun to find new ways to derive strategic benefit from analytics.

About the Big Ideas Initiatives

MIT Sloan Management Review Big Ideas initiatives capture the best thinking and scholarly research on issues transforming the business environment.

Through global surveys, annual research reports, interviews with frontline leaders, case studies, videos, articles and interactive data, these collaborative programs explore critical areas of management innovation for organizations around the world.

Visit the individual topic pages for a deeper look at the materials and resources available.


Spotlight on: Data & Analytics

Our ongoing investigation looks at how companies are using analytics in every facet of their businesses. These are some of the most recent articles, interviews and more on this Big Idea topic. Go to the Data & Analytics main page for more.

Spotlight on: Digital Leadership

The Digital Leadership Initiative explores the growing use of digital technologies in the business landscape. Through a series of annual reports, blogs, articles, and case studies, the exploration examines how companies are cultivating opportunities and addressing risks in a fast-moving, digital market environment.

As more companies strive to develop new digital capabilities, many are making significant changes to their organizational culture, strategy-making process, and talent management efforts. These shifts raise important questions about what it means to lead a digital business. These questions, and more, are the focus of MIT SMR’s Big Ideas Digital Leadership Initiative. Go to the Digital Leadership main page for more.


Spotlight on Internet of Things

Getting Started With IoT

Many organizations are finding success with IoT projects with thoughtful planning.

Platform Strategy and the Internet of Things

In this webinar, Professor Marshall Van Alstyne discusses how platform strategy and IoT combine to produce value for all players in the ecosystem.

Spotlight on: Sustainability

A new sustainability revolution is out to alter the way business is done in every function and unit of companies. These are some of the most recent articles, interviews and more on this Big Idea topic. Go to the Sustainability main page for more.