Summer 2007
Volume 48, Issue # 4

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Bridging Faultlines in Diverse Teams

  • Read Time: 24 min 

Project teams can fly or founder on the demographic attributes of team members and the fractures they can create. Here’s how to recognize the potential for division, and how to respond in time when team fractures do arise.

Patenting for Profits

  • Read Time: 6 min 

Effective patent strategy is tailored to the market, mindful of competitive positioning and supported by organizational structure.


Strategic Thinking at the Top

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 19 min 

Expertise in strategic thinking is not the product of innate ability and pure serendipity. It arises from specific experiences (personal, interpersonal, organizational and external) which occur over 10 or more years.

A Strategic Perspective on Sales Promotions

  • Read Time: 16 min 

How to plan profitable sales promotions by considering the stature of your brand in the marketplace, the message being delivered, and how customers and competitors will react.


Negotiating With Liars

  • Opinion & Analysis
  • Read Time: 17 min 

Lying is a central aspect of human behavior. Negotiators need to learn about every tool that will protect their interests.

Leading in Pairs

  • Read Time: 13 min 

Under the right conditions, two corporate heads can be better than one, both for the company and the individual partners.


Measuring the Culture of Innovation

  • Read Time: 3 min 

The most important factor driving innovation is the internal culture of the company. Specifically, researchers have found that a future market orientation, a willingness to cannibalize and a tolerance for risk are three cultural elements that have a particularly strong relationship with radical innovation.