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Marketers: Get Your Data House in Order

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Mobile behavior, the new, more meandering customer journey, and the changing enterprise technology landscape present marketers with multi-dimensional challenges. They must deal with increasing quantities of data, find the right balance between data-driven and storytelling approaches, and choose the right tools in an expanding landscape of choices.

In this webinar, Casey Carey, Director of Platforms & Publisher Marketing at Google, and Tauhid Zaman, KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management, discuss findings from each of their recent research programs into the impact of marketing data and analytics. Carey reports on the characteristics of marketing data and analytics leaders, and Zaman highlights the ways in which marketers can look to behavioral analytics for customer insight.

In this webinar you will learn:

• How a documented data and analytics strategy can serve as a blueprint to guide marketers and decision makers in their daily roles.

• How some companies are successfully using data to adjust their marketing strategy and media plan.

• The importance of fostering an environment where everyone in the company understands the value of data.

• How behavioral analytics — like how long someone spends on a page before tapping “buy” — can offer marketers unique insights into customer decision-making.

• Why the use of new customer-volunteered data will open up huge new opportunities for data-based products and applications.

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