Critical Success Factors for Achieving ROI From AI Initiatives

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Finding a reliable path to value — not implementing the technology — may be the biggest challenge for organizations seeking to earn a return on investment for their AI initiatives.

Most studies indicate that the majority of enterprise AI projects fail to deliver value. Still, investment in this area is accelerating. How can enterprises best structure their talent, culture, and decision-making to maximize economic value from AI?

In this on-demand webinar, researchers Thomas H. Davenport and Laks Srinivasan, coauthors of the Return on AI Institute 2020-21 research study “Maximizing Return From AI Initiatives,” present the key factors leading to AI investments that deliver real business value.

Watch this session and learn:

  • The three D’s (decisions) and the three C’s (catalysts) that research shows are most critical for AI projects.
  • When culture matters more than technology in AI implementation.
  • How to determine what the appropriate level of AI ambition is for your company.
  • What senior leaders from a variety of industries report from their successful AI journeys.


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