Moving away from legacy systems is not a technology problem.

Leading an organization through digital transformation is an uncharted journey for most of us. Moving away from legacy systems, processes, and operations to a digital model requires a steady strategic hand. Too many companies approach this transformation as a technology issue when it’s really a people and processes issue.

Please join Gerald C. Kane and Anh Nguyen Phillips, coauthors of MIT SMR’s report, “Coming of Age Digitally,” for a discussion on the steps leaders can take to prepare for and execute digital transformation of the organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which functional areas have the greatest success in leading digital progress.
  • Why technology shouldn’t be the key focus of your digital transformation effort.
  • How to align digital and overall strategy for smoother transitioning off legacy systems.
  • Why the C-suite’s digital leadership is essential (to a point).


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