How to Make Sense of Irrational Competitors

Runtime 58:33


To avoid getting blindsided, leaders must do more to understand competitors’ thinking.

To compete successfully in a dynamic market, executives must be able to see things from their competitors’ point of view. But too often, business leaders view their competitors’ actions as irrational. By failing to take them seriously, they are caught off guard, unable to act or react effectively.

In his upcoming book, Inside the Competitors Mindset, author John Horn makes the case that by applying some relatively simple techniques, companies can better understand what their competitors are likely to do and thus be prepared when the time comes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why it’s so common to think of competitors as irrational.
  • Four practical steps to understand your competition.
  • How to gain competitive insight through the use of black hat exercises and war games.


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