Leveraging Subscriptions and Marketplaces for Platform Success

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Data, subscription models, and a platform-first mindset combine to help companies engage customers in new ways.

Most managers today understand the value of subscription and SaaS business models. But few understand how a subscription model can work in combination with marketplaces, platforms, and customer and supplier data to drive growth and enterprise value.

Please join MIT SMR author Barry Libert as he demonstrates how subscriptions, which make it easy for customers to obtain what they want, and marketplaces, which provide customers with choices, combine with data to ensure success in today’s platform economy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why customers seek subscription products and how to capitalize on their purchasing behaviors.
  • How marketplaces empower customers with choices and access to alternatives far beyond what any particular company can make, market, or sell itself.
  • How data and machine learning match what customers want to what marketplace sellers offer to provide “empathy at scale.”
  • The three rules for success in combining subscriptions and marketplaces.


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