Motivating Your Team With Empathy and Story

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Stories engage and unite — here’s how leaders can use them.

No matter how well you run a business, external forces will test you, your culture, and your resolve. Leaders are constantly processing the future, and our employees are watching to see how confident we are and how clearly we see the situation. They look to us for emotional fuel and signs that everything will be OK.

In this on-demand webinar, author Nancy Duarte demonstrates how to:

  • Reconnect to the vision.
  • Tell stories of bravery and endurance.
  • Leverage meaningful symbols.
  • Be transparent and genuine.

Uncertainty hangs over the heads of your employees every day. No one knows how long this distracting and stressful way of living and working will last. How to show up and communicate is one of the few things that can keep them grounded and motivated.


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