Traditional SMART goal setting works well on an individual level, but isn’t quite as useful for companies as a whole. This webinar discusses how a FAST framework for goal setting can improve strategic alignment.

Most managers follow the same, well-established practices to manage objectives. They hold meetings with their subordinates to set annual goals, review performance against those objectives at year end, and link their appraisal to promotion and bonus decisions. These same managers aspire to make their goals SMART by ensuring they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

But this traditional approach to goals can actually undermine the alignment, coordination, and agility needed for a company to execute its strategy. Professor Donald Sull of the MIT Sloan School of Management has focused his research on how leaders can set goals that best help a company to translate its strategy into results. In this webinar, he discussed his work and gave examples and frameworks for developing individual, team, and organizational goals.

In this live webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • How traditional goal management can actually impede strategy execution
  • Why FAST — frequent, ambitious, specific, transparent — goals are better than SMART ones
  • How to set goals that best encourage alignment across teams and individuals
  • The importance of making goals transparent