Digital Experiences Using a Conversational Interface

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Chatbots are becoming crucial for customer service — but how they interact with customers matters, and AI is one key point to creating “natural” interactions.

How do you interact with your customers? Given the predominance of mobile devices and messaging apps, many experts believe the next era of customer interaction will belong to “the conversational layer” — both text- and voice-driven — that will use chat, messaging, or natural language interfaces to interact with people, brands, services, and bots.

Join Babson College’s Bala Iyer, author of the MIT SMR article “Do You Have a Conversational Interface?,” as he discusses his work around customer data and user experience. Using industry examples and findings from his research, he’ll offer strategies for capitalizing on conversational interfaces to capture customer loyalty.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to own all the layers of the user experience, and how you can use that ownership to make the customer feel valued
  • What conversational commerce is, and what it means for customer engagement
  • What customers prefer when they interact with chatbots
  • Things to consider when building a conversational interface


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André Fregolente
Hello, I am a subscriber of MIT Sloan Management Review.  In the excellent webinar "Digital Experiences Using a Conversational Interface" (May 01, 2018), at slide number 24, Mr. Bala Iyer mentioned an excel spreadsheet with the name of chatbots providers currently in the market. 
I would like to have this spreadsheet. 
How can I get it? 
André Fregolente
+ 55 21 99140-9421