How should leaders keep a pulse on their geographically dispersed workforces?

We are living a new COVID-19 world of work — and this new world did not take shape gradually. It didn’t wait for us to line up the processes, the technologies, and the people. It happened almost overnight, with little warning. It has meant that connectivity designed for a few is now placed under the strain of catering for much greater numbers. It has meant an explosion of workspaces at home, often shared by multiple family members.

Please join Kristine Dery as she examines the ways companies are iterating, learning, and adapting on the run to enable their employees not just to continue their work but to excel in a dramatically changed environment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The two interdependent areas of digital and behavioral capabilities required to deliver an effective and meaningful employee experience.
  • How to lead effectively in a remote organization.
  • Building broader digital capabilities so that those with deep skills can flourish and thrive, particularly in a more virtual world.
  • Enhancing virtual space so that people can collaborate effectively to add value.


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