Rethinking Customer Expectations for 2022 and Beyond

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To compete in the post-pandemic era, companies and managers must evolve their customer strategy.

After two years of uncertainty and rapid change, managers must rethink fundamental assumptions about how they do business — and especially about how they serve their customers. What has changed in what customers want? And what does that mean for the way you design customer experience?

In this webinar, MIT Sloan School senior lecturer George Westerman, author of “Developing Strategy for New Customer Expectations,” will look at ways companies and managers can rethink standard practices around customer experience and create strategies for effective decision-making in the post-pandemic era. He’ll share new research-driven insights on:

  • The five assumptions companies often make about what customers want.
  • The key questions to consider to evolve your leadership mindset for customers.
  • Examples from companies that have transformed their approach to operations and customer experience.
  • How companies can combine physical, virtual, and hybrid approaches for the future.


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