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Developing New Products in Emerging Markets

A successful innovation developed by Cisco’s R&D unit in India offers practical insights.


How Global Is Your C-Suite?

National diversity of top management should be a topic of conversation for boards of directors.


Preparing for Disruptions Through Early Detection

Leading companies are using an array of detection and response techniques to become more resilient.


Toward Mass-Customized Mobility

A New Vision for Personal Transportation

December 14, 2015 | Wolfgang Gruel and Frank Piller

Smart data and mass customization have the potential to radically change the way trips are planned. Already, the Boston-based startup Bridj is piloting a dynamic bus system that optimizes routing in response to demand, while Düsseldorf Airport is piloting a robotic parking system in which users just drop off their cars, which are then parked automatically. In the future, intermodal routing could provide customers with a seamless experience and reshape the transportation infrastructure.

Innovation and China


Innovation Lessons From China

China is becoming the best place to learn how to make ideas commercially viable.



Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

Reading Global Clients’ Signals

March 4, 2014 | Peter A. Gloor and Gianni Giacomelli

How can geographically distributed companies monitor large clients’ attitudes about their services? Traditional customer satisfaction surveys can lack sufficient timeliness and detail. But taking a big data approach to analyzing collaborations lets companies gain valuable and timely insights into client satisfaction. Examining the structural properties of email communication patterns and correlating them with external performance metrics can offer managers helpful insights.

Developing an International Mindset

Image courtesy of Shell.

The New Mission for Multinationals

Across a broad swath of industries, multinationals are losing ground in emerging markets to local players.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Electrolux Design Lab.

Strategies in Global Operations


What It Takes to Reshore Manufacturing Successfully

The process of bringing assembly work back to U.S. factories from abroad is more challenging than the economics would predict.


From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal With Disruption

Companies need to cultivate resilience to unexpected disruptions to complex supply chains.


Developing Effective Intellectual Property Partnerships

There are five options for structuring intellectual property partnerships, ranging from licensing to joint ventures.


Should Top Management Relocate Across National Borders?

When is it smart for multinational companies to relocate top management to other countries?

When Two Headquarters Are Better Than One

Fighting the “Headquarters Knows Best” Syndrome

December 14, 2015 | Cyril Bouquet, Julian Birkinshaw, and Jean-Louis Barsoux

Belief that headquarters knows best can be damaging to the long-term success of a company operating in global markets. One company’s solution: a decision to operate out of dual headquarters, in the Netherlands and China. “No longer a prisoner of its home base, the top team was viewed as mobile, agile, and geographically dispersed,” write Cyril Bouquet et al. “The company was able to make more effective resource-allocation decisions informed by diverse thinking and divergent points of view.”