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The Perils of Attention From Headquarters

Visits from corporate headquarters to operations in markets such as China are often seen as unproductive.


Are Firms and Managers At Risk When Contributing to Climate Change?

At what point do corporate executives become personally liable for their companies’ failure to take action on climate change?


To Conserve Water for Agriculture, a Solution from the Desert

For farmers, maintaining adequate water for their crops is a key challenge in a changing climate.


International Supply Chains

From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal With Disruption

December 16, 2014 | Joseph Fiksel, Mikaella Polyviou, Keely L. Croxton and Timothy J. Pettit

In a volatile, global economy, supply chains have become increasingly vulnerable. Supply chain practices designed to keep costs low in a stable business environment can increase risk levels during disruptions. But companies can cultivate resilience to unexpected disruptions by understanding their vulnerabilities and developing specific capabilities to compensate for them. The authors identify and detail 16 capabilities companies can use to respond to particular vulnerability patterns.


Leading Global Teams

There are special challenges in planning for — and then managing — global teams and global leaders. Here is how some companies are approaching the task.


Special Report: Business in China


What’s Next for the Chinese Economy?

After a period of remarkable growth, China now faces substantial economic and political challenges.


Innovation Lessons From China

China is becoming the best place to learn how to make ideas commercially viable.


Accelerated Innovation: The New Challenge From China

Chinese companies are reengineering new product development in ways that reduce lead times.


Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Companies doing business in China need to manage their intellectual property vulnerabilities proactively.