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How Digital Twins Are Reinventing Innovation

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From faster drug trials to fully “conscious” cities, digital replicas are changing innovation.


Why ‘Autos Plus Tech’ Is the Best Path for Automated Vehicles

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Auto companies or tech companies can’t develop winning mobility offerings on their own.


The Future of Work in Developing Economies

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AI and automation are changing labor markets worldwide, but developing nations will be hit hardest.


Navigating the Contested Rise of Fintech

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Technology adoption based on the technology alone is bound to miss the mark. Fintech will not disrupt the financial industry overnight, but when it does, it will reflect a larger and more complex social debate than its inherent technological or economic merits. Managers need to get involved in this debate now, so they can navigate the uncertainty, and decide to adopt it — or not.


The Changing Nature of Reality

Preparing for the Risky World of Extended Reality

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Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality show great promise in fields like medicine and manufacturing, but they come with risks to individual and societal well-being that could be incredibly hard to reverse. Now is the time for business leaders to take measures to prevent, or at least mitigate, the potential downsides of such tools.

The Quest to Create Utterly Normal Virtual Reality Experiences

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Virtual reality is used today for job training, but that’s just the beginning. In a Q&A, Jeremy Bailenson, a leading expert in virtual reality, says that VR has the potential to be a much-improved video conference tool — one that’s good enough to reduce our need to commute. What Bailenson calls “avatar-based communication,” with eye contact and facial expressions, has the potential “to create the intimacy and non-verbal behavior that you get face to face.”


Getting From Data to Impact

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Building great data and analytic models is a first step toward analytically driven decision making. But putting analytics applications into operation is a challenge. Open access to these three articles from MIT Sloan Management Review about operationalizing analytics is provided courtesy of SAS.

What to Expect From Agile

What happens when a large, established bank decides to adopt agile as a management model?


How Automation Affects the Workforce


The Tech-Driven Enterprise


You’re Going Digital — Now What?

To plan for change that will stick, leaders must first understand how employees adopt digital tools.


How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

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AI offers the potential to break down silos and make collaboration more effective.


Self-Driving Companies Are Coming

Automation can go far beyond cars. Self-driving company capabilities are closer than we realize.


How to Avoid All-or-Nothing Thinking in Your Tech Strategy

Three crucial steps can help companies overcome legacy approaches — without automating everything.


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