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The week’s must-reads for managing in the digital age, curated by the MIT SMR editors.

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Turbulent Times

In times of uncertainty, top companies stay ahead by knowing where to look for warning signs and how to explore their environment. This article lays out a systematic approach to determine where to look for — and how to explore — potential disruptions.

What the Disney+ Launch Means for the Streaming Wars

In this episode of the HBR Presents podcast After Hours, professors Youngme Moon, Felix Oberholzer-Gee, and Mihir Desai discuss a variety of newsworthy business and pop culture topics, including the long-awaited launch of Disney’s new streaming service, the war on billionaires, and what a four-day workweek might be like.

A New Approach for Measuring Emotions at Work

Research shows that employees’ emotions contribute to productivity, sales, and culture. But how do managers measure and understand these emotions when self-reporting is often inaccurate? Facial recognition technologies may hold the answer — but must be used with care.

Do You Have 8 Minutes to Spare?

If you do, research shows that engaging in mindful meditation can make you a more thoughtful and generous manager and colleague.

Engaging on LGBTQ Issues at a Corporate Level

The corporate sector is becoming increasingly outspoken on LGBTQ rights. As more companies publicize their efforts, pressure is building on others to state their positions as well. Companies that approach LGBTQ issues thoughtfully with policies, culture, and activism can reduce some of the economic risks involved — while affecting public opinion.

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Quote of the Week:

“Today, companies are taking users’ data and essentially using it as a product; they monetize it. The world can be very different if this is turned around and users maintain control of the data and get revenue from it.”

— Dawn Song, professor at University of California, Berkeley, featured in The New York Times article “Building a World Where Data Privacy Exists Online”