Analytics & Organizational Culture

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What Separates Analytical Leaders From Laggards?

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Despite the ready availability of technologies like big data, most companies don’t yet capitalize on analytics. For organizations to fully leverage the insights they can derive from analytics and embed them into decision-making, a combination of three drivers is required: data and tools, talent, and culture.

How You Can Have More Impact as a People Analyst

In the messy real world of ambiguous evidence and contentious objectives, organizational decisions — especially those about the people you’re hiring, developing, managing, and trying to retain — usually hinge on relationships and trust. So if you work in people analytics, you must learn to traffic in that currency to make an impact. It’s not enough to be right. You also have to sell your model or idea. These tactics can help.

From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics

Based on a global executive survey with 2,500+ respondents and interviews with more than two dozen executives and academics, MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS Institute Inc. report on the distinctive characteristics and habits of companies that are very effective at using analytics to compete and innovate. This report offers an in-depth analysis of Analytical Innovators, the early leaders in the analytics revolution that is changing how many companies are managed.

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