Generative AI Demystified: What It Really Means for Business

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Generative AI has its own capabilities, risks, and limits. Learn when, where, and how to use it in business.

In fall 2023, George Westerman, senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, led a three-part webinar series, “Generative AI in Business: Unraveling Myths, Finding Opportunities, and Preparing Your Organization.”

This session lays the groundwork for GenAI, including what it is and isn’t, how it relates to current and past technologies, and what it takes to make good decisions about its use. We’ll cover:

  • How GenAI works — including its capabilities, risks, and limits.
  • How GenAI fits with other AI/ML methods — and when it’s a better or worse solution.
  • Examples of when, where, and how to use GenAI in business.


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