Managing Your Team’s Child Care Crisis

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Recent research sheds a light on the types of child care benefits organizations could offer employees to improve engagement, retention, and productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic left many parents without the critical infrastructure needed to manage their work and family demands. The physical and mental burden placed on parents forced many — particularly moms — to significantly reduce their work hours, seek alternative employment, or drop out of the workforce altogether. These impacts have severe ramifications for organizations and our overall economy.

In this webinar, we discuss findings from recent research efforts that highlight the challenges facing working parents and opportunities for employers to better support their workers, recasting child care as essential infrastructure. Join speakers Jamie Ladge (associate professor of management, Northeastern University) and Tim Allen (CEO, and learn about:

  • New research findings from both the employer and worker perspective.
  • Ways organizations can amplify efforts to attract and retain working caregivers.
  • Creative solutions to solve the current working parent crisis.


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