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The Future of Work Can’t Wait for Education to Catch Up

Facing sizable skills gaps in their current and future workforces, companies have stopped waiting for traditional education to supply the workers they need. Amazon, AT&T, and others have stepped in with their own solutions to fill those gaps. These companies may be shaping the future of not only their own workforces but yours as well.

The Challenge Facing Modern CIOs

In today’s competitive landscape, technology is front and center as a value driver for businesses, which requires new skills and capabilities for leaders. This article by McKinsey Digital identifies five traits that will help CIOs find success in their tech transformations.

Four Skills for Tomorrow’s Innovation Workforce

Before organizations can rethink how to design jobs, organize work, and compete for talent in a digital age, they must systematically identify and develop the capabilities that they need now — and over the next decade — to innovate and survive.

Who’s Buying Your Browsing Data?

Avast, an antivirus program used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, is selling users’ sensitive internet browsing data — in some cases, every single click. The report by Motherboard and PCMag illuminates the secretive sale and supply chain of browsing data, which is supposed to be held in confidence between the data seller and the clients who purchase it.

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Quote of the Week:

“If companies can give themselves some breathing room from obsession with quarterly performance and allow for real innovation in how they do everything, bigger changes are possible.”

— Andrew Winston in “The Pros and Cons of ‘Growth’