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How Banks Can Lead the Shift to AI-First

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Banks need a clear AI strategy to get digital transformation right.


The Hidden Side Effects of Recommendation Systems

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Recommendation algorithms don’t just reflect consumer preferences — they also shape them.


Improving Your Bottom Line With Cybersecurity

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Properly orchestrated, cybersecurity can reduce costs and increase revenue.


Social Media

Twitter Is Not the Echo Chamber We Think It Is

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October 22, 2018 | Jesse Shore, Jiye Baek, and Chrysanthos Dellarocas

The popular perception of Twitter as a social media “echo chamber,” where people only receive and retweet opinions that match their own, does not reflect the data about users’ actual engagement. The average Twitter user propagates more mainstream content and follows a diverse group of users — and this has implications for social media marketing.

Emerging Technologies

SCI FI like Composition

There’s Always a Time Lag (With a Price Tag)

In the growth of artificial intelligence, technology is changing faster than society can keep up.


Is Your Security Team Built for the Cloud and Edge Computing Era?

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Cybersecurity can no longer be an add-on — companies must invest in future-proofing their systems.


Navigating the Next Wave of Blockchain Innovation: Smart Contracts

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Smart contracts using blockchain enable faster, more secure digital agreements.


Wanted: Trustworthy Bots

Can We Solve AI’s ‘Trust Problem’?

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November 2, 2018 | Thomas H. Davenport

Many people don’t trust decisions, answers, or recommendations from artificial intelligence. To address that problem, makers of AI applications and systems should stop overpromising, be more transparent about how systems are used, and consider third-party certification.

Managing Digital Change



Customer-Centric Digital Business

How Should Companies Talk to Customers Online?

Digital customer service is becoming more widely adopted, but one place it falls short is in the language and phrases it uses. Many digital service platforms use words that alienate customers rather than engage them; selecting customer-centric language for chatbots and service platforms can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.


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