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Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy

Manufacturers may be able to charge higher prices to customers planning to rent out big-ticket items.


Is Your Company Ready for a Digital Future?

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There are four different paths companies can take to become top performers in the digital economy.


Surviving a Day Without Smartphones

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For young adults, even a single day without access to their cellphones can be anxiety-producing.


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A New Approach to Automating Services
By Mary C. Lacity and Leslie P. Willcocks

Just How Smart Are Smart Machines?
By Thomas H. Davenport and Julia Kirby

How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy
By Jeanne W. Ross, Ina M. Sebastian, and Cynthia M. Beath

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Leading Digital


Research Update

Surviving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

November 17, 2017 | Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner

Companies today will have to reinvent themselves to survive, and every large and ambitious company should be trying to figure out how to become a destination for its customers. Consumers are voting with their mobile devices and choosing from a handful of dominant “ecosystem drivers”— businesses such as Amazon and WeChat, which become destinations for their customers’ needs by offering complementary or sometimes competing services — for each domain in their lives.


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