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Seven Technologies Remaking the World

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This MIT SMR executive guide introduces business leaders to the technologies that are reshaping our world.


A Better Way to Bring Science to Market

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New markets for judgment bridge critical gaps between scientific breakthroughs and commercial markets.


The Secret to Successful Knowledge Seeding

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Building a sophisticated online user community a begins with a smart approach to seeding it with expert knowledge.


The Unforeseen Digital Disruption

The Risks of Digital Democracy

February 21, 2018 | Gregory Unruh and David Kiron

Democracy is fundamental to business interests — yet business leaders have been mostly silent when it comes to the recent cyberattacks on elections in the U.S. and other western democracies. This needs to change, and fast.

The Digital Workplace



World-Changing AI

How AI Will Define New Industries

AI’s most potent, long-term economic value may lie not in the thousands of new startups, but in the ability of AI to augment the discovery and pursuit of basic scientific advances that could be the foundations of new industry.

Using AI to Help the World Thrive

It’s possible that humankind has created complex, systemic problems that exceed our human capacity to solve them. Some companies, particularly the tech giants, are recognizing this possibility and looking to AI as a tool for solving environmental and social problems. One of these companies is Microsoft. In December 2017, it committed $50 million to its new “AI for Earth” program to fund innovators who are making progress in four critical areas — climate change, water, agriculture, and biodiversity.

Technology and the New Economy

Welcome to the Coherence Economy

January 12, 2018 | Uri Sarid

The accelerating pace of technology, fueled by hyperspecialization, digitization, and the ability to control these new environments, has been quietly ushering in a new economy set to disrupt every industry — the coherence economy.

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