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What Should We Do to Prevent Software From Failing?

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There’s no oversight on coders who write critical software that runs key systems. That must change.


Learning to Love the AI Bubble

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Unlike the housing bubble, the effects of a bursting AI bubble wouldn’t cause great harm.


Dodging Digital Blind Spots

The mindset gap creates four digital blind spots that leaders should know and avoid.


If China Reaches 5G First, How Will Countries Compete?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at the global race to deploy 5G — next-generation internet connectivity — which has several countries pitted against each other. We asked our panel of strategy experts to examine the competitive scenario if China were to achieve a 5G rollout first.

Platform Pros and Cons

How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords

The most valuable companies in the world have harnessed platforms’ power to achieve rapid growth and market dominance. But as these platforms have grown in size and scale, the opportunity for abuse has become very real — while profitability isn’t coming easily even for successful platforms. In an interview with MIT SMR, the authors of The Business of Platforms bust the myths and outline the pitfalls of platform strategy.

Unleashing Innovation With Collaboration Platforms

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Digital collaboration platforms can leverage team diversity and expertise, but business must focus on how distributed teams orchestrate their collaboration and how leaders facilitate innovation. The specific collaboration platform you choose is less important.


What Makes a Smart Digital Leader


Four Profiles of Successful Digital Executives

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There are four distinct types of chief digital officers who successfully lead digital transition.


How to Choose the Right Digital Leader for Your Company

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The best chief digital officer candidate may not come from outside your company.


It Pays to Have a Digitally Savvy Board

Having board members with digital business experience is a new financial performance differentiator.



Transforming Manufacturing and Supply Chains With 4D Printing

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Next on the horizon is 4D printing, an emerging technology that would allow managers to meet supply chain challenges with customized, adaptive, and potentially self-modulating equipment. Manufacturers should start considering how their infrastructure and supply chains might benefit from this technology as it unfolds.

People Analytics


The Perils of Applying AI Prediction to Complex Decisions

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While AI is brilliantly placed to solve decisions that are concrete and well-defined, in other contexts it can fail spectacularly, showing connections between facts or events but stumbling when the need to disentangle cause from correlation arises. Human input in the form of subject matter knowledge and common sense are often needed to complement AI. And executives must understand which challenges are right for these new technologies to address.

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