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Pushing Back on Pervasive Technology

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Technology has made our lives incomparably better but also constitutes one of our biggest threats.


It Pays to Have a Digitally Savvy Board

Having board members with digital business experience is a new financial performance differentiator.


The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

For industrial manufacturers, digital transformation is the only way to stay alive.


AI Leader’s Guide

Getting Your Employees Ready for Work in the Age of AI

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How can companies and employees find common ground when it comes to skill development and investment in AI capabilities? To start, senior executives should seek clarity around capability gaps and determine which skills their people need. From there, leaders should take an approach that advances those skills for human-AI collaboration.

Every Leader’s Guide to the Ethics of AI

As artificial intelligence-enabled products and services enter our everyday lives, there’s a big gap between how AI can be used and how it should be used. A 2018 Deloitte survey of AI-aware executives found that 32% ranked ethical issues as one of the top three risks of AI, but most companies don’t yet have specific approaches to grapple with the challenges. Here, we list the seven actions that leaders of AI-oriented companies — regardless of their industry — should consider taking.


New MIT SMR Series: People Analytics


The Surprising Value of Obvious Insights

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Confirming what people already believe can sometimes help organizations overcome barriers to change.


Self-Reports Spur Self-Reflection

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The act of answering survey questions can increase awareness, which opens the door to development.


Career Management Isn’t Just the Employee’s Job

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Organizations can use analytics to help employees chart a path for growth and advancement.


Can We Really Test People for Potential?

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People are complex. We need a more nuanced approach to predicting job performance.

How You Can Have More Impact as a People Analyst

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In the messy real world of ambiguous evidence and contentious objectives, organizational decisions — especially those about the people you’re hiring, developing, managing, and trying to retain — usually hinge on relationships and trust. So if you work in people analytics, you must learn to traffic in that currency to make an impact. It’s not enough to be right. You also have to sell your model or idea. These tactics can help.


Protecting Your Data


The Myths and Realities of Business Ecosystems

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The rise of ecosystems requires a new way of thinking about business: the ecosystems perspective. If we can describe this unique perspective, and clear up the myths and confusions surrounding the use of the term, we position ourselves to design strategy effectively in ecosystems.


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