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Blockchain Isn’t as Unbreakable as You Think

Blockchain is vulnerable in some ways that conventional systems are — and in ways all its own.


Learning From Automation Anxiety of the Past

History shows we should focus more on policy than technology challenges when confronting automation.


Demystifying the Intelligence of AI

Just because a company can build an AI-infused product doesn’t mean it should.


How Tech CEOs Are Redefining the Top Job

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About a quarter of high-tech companies are run by CEOs who double as inventors. Through patenting and publishing activity, such leaders contribute their own expertise to their companies’ innovation and production efforts, even as they steer their respective ships. This hands-on approach may sound like a distraction from strategic thinking, but it’s the future for top leaders across many sectors, not just tech — and it is already upon us.

Getting From Data to Impact

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Building great data and analytic models is a first step toward analytically driven decision making. But putting analytics applications into operation is a challenge. Open access to these three articles from MIT Sloan Management Review about operationalizing analytics is provided courtesy of SAS.

What to Expect From Agile

What happens when a large, established bank decides to adopt agile as a management model?


Employee Emotions Aren’t Noise — They’re Data

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Within organizations, emotions reveal not just how people feel but also what they think and how they will behave. Emotional culture gets communicated non-verbally in people’s facial expressions, vocal tone, and body language. You see it expressed by the people around you, including—or even most of all—managers. For companies, emotions are an important lever for improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

(Re)Learn to Lead


Five Rules for Leading in a Digital World

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Times of rapid change call for a new leadership model.


Leaders Don’t Hide Behind Data

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With data, you can measure and improve performance, but that won’t facilitate breakthroughs.


Take a Wrecking Ball to Your Company’s Iconic Practices

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As organizations face disruptive threats, their cultural values can thwart needed change.


How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

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Companies are beginning to experiment with AI-driven tools to better coordinate the workflows in different business silos. The result: More effective integration of efforts among business units and between business partners.


The Remote Workforce



The 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy Report

Winning With AI

Winning With AI


AI promises rewards but also comes with risks ― namely, that competitors figure out how to successfully leverage it before you do. The 2019 MIT SMR and BCG Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Report shows early AI winners are focused on organization-wide alignment, investment, and integration.

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