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Can Your Supply Chain Hear Me Now?

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Conversational commerce has the potential to transform the business supply chain.


Converting Email From Drain to Gain

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Teams can develop shared practices that enable email to help, not harm, productivity.


The Quest to Create Utterly Normal Virtual Reality Experiences

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VR is being used for job training, but it also has the potential to reduce our need to commute.


Technology & Strategy

Can IT Be Too in Sync With Business Strategy?

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April 23, 2018 | Huigang Liang, Nianxin Wang, Yajiong Xue, Shilun Ge, and Sam Ransbotham

IT alignment can produce inertia — unless it’s accompanied by the right culture. Sure, closely aligning IT with the rest of a company’s strategy can cut costs and improve the ability to collect data, facilitating the creation of early-warning systems and operational dashboards. But a less regimented approach has its place, too, allowing responses to changing business and economic conditions that are swift and creative.


Limiting the “Garbage In”

The Risk of Machine-Learning Bias (and How to Prevent It)

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Machine-learning algorithms enable companies to realize new efficiencies for tasks from evaluating credit for loan applications to scanning legal contracts for errors. But they are as susceptible as any system to the “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome when it comes to biased data. Left unchecked, feeding biased data to self-learning systems can lead to unintended and sometimes dangerous outcomes.

Seizing Opportunity in Data Quality

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Bad data is the norm. Every day, businesses send packages to customers, managers decide which candidate to hire, and executives make long-term plans based on data provided by others. When that data is incomplete, poorly defined, or wrong, there are immediate consequences: angry customers, wasted time, and added difficulties in the execution of strategy. Getting in front on data quality is crucial, and presents a terrific opportunity to improve business performance.

Conscientious Digital Management


App Development Isn’t What It Used To Be

Implement First, Ask Questions Later (or Not at All)

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April 13, 2018 | Stephen J. Andriole

Companies used to spend years clarifying business requirements before they would even think of launching new software. Today, cheaper cloud-based apps mean that implementation decisions are made on the fly — and there’s no going back.

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