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Where Influencer Marketing Goes Wrong (and How to Fix It)

Influencer marketing offers a big return when done right. But many companies are doing it wrong.


High-Profile Jitters Over AI

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As AI becomes more ubiquitous, we need clear systems for keeping it in check.


Managing Technology for the Post-Digital Era

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The post-digital tech wave — a powerful, integrated stack of technologies — is coming next.


Casting the Dark Web in a New Light

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and impact. Defending against them requires a new perspective on the attacks and the attackers. By applying a value chain lens to the problem, we can better understand the dark web as an ecosystem in which well-orchestrated attacks are assembled by entrepreneurs and supported by well-organized service offerings. This casts new light on the dark web and suggests more effective and proactive responses to cyberattacks.

Putting AI to Work


Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

Five capabilities and four practices help companies generate business value from AI applications.


How Cities Should Prepare for Artificial Intelligence

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How cities deal with AI-related changes will determine which ones will thrive in the future.


Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

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A successful pitch for AI must overcome economic, technical, political, and cultural hurdles.


Leading Teams in the Digital Era

Why Teams Still Need Leaders

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While flat organizational structures have gained favor in recent years, hierarchies continue to provide many important benefits, says the University of Michigan’s Lindy Greer. Depending on the circumstances, the answer isn’t to eliminate hierarchy but to train leaders and teams to use it flexibly.

How Managers Can Help Workers Tackle Digital Distractions

Managers and staff alike have been conditioned to respond to digital messaging platforms to the exclusion of all else — and digital distraction is costing businesses big in employee productivity. Managers can teach their reports how to tune out the siren song of digital devices, but they must model these behaviors themselves if they’re to encourage employees to do the same.

Digital Customer Experience


Transformation Without Technology

In our present age of digital disruption, the fact that digital technologies cause many of the challenges companies face doesn’t mean that technology is necessarily the solution to those problems. Where do companies focus their transformation efforts if not on technology? They focus on their most valuable assets: their people.



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