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Organizing for New Technologies

Responding to disruptive technologies may mean changing your company’s organizational structure.


Warding Off the Threat of Disruption

Foresight and timing are crucial elements in responding to disruption.


Duped by Data

A series of small errors in data can lead to major mistakes.


Anticipating Business Trends


The Real Lessons From Kodak’s Decline

The key lessons from Kodak’s failure to adapt to digital disruption aren’t what you think they are.


Predicting the Future: How to Engage in Really Long-Term Strategic Digital Planning

Companies need to engage in long-term thinking about their digital strategy.


The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation

Successful business model innovation requires an understanding of how business models evolve.


Harnessing the Best of Globalization

Companies entering global markets should identify an approach that best suits their business model.

Handling Crises in the Social Era

The New Rules For Crisis Management

June 13, 2016 | Mark Lee Hunter, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, and Maria Besiou

Digital media have produced an explosion of nontraditional news outlets. When a crisis arises, managers must be aware of media controlled by various stakeholder groups, which may have significant influence on how the crisis evolves. Failure to recognize the power of stakeholder-controlled media has significantly affected the outcomes of past corporate crises. Companies need to know how stakeholders gained this power, how they use it, and what to do about it.


Boards and Governance


Strategy and Technology

Rise of the Strategy Machines

Frontiers |

Although it’s unlikely that a single system will be able to handle all strategic decisions, the narrow intelligence that computers display today is already sufficient to handle specific strategic problems.

When Machine Intelligence Meets Main Street

Frontiers |

We are past the point of debating whether human intuition can be replicated. Machine learning is already here. It will impact most companies over the next few decades and become part of everyday business life. Executives must quickly come to grip with how companies and industries will evolve.


Product Strategies


Innovation Strategy

Finding a Lower-Risk Path to High-Impact Innovations

June 13, 2016 | Joseph V. Sinfield and Freddy Solis

Pursuing a high-impact innovation strategy can have terrific payoffs — but it’s also extremely risky, and most companies won’t do it. Yet a comparatively less risky, proactive approach that strings together “lily pads” of capability-building investments, technical and conceptual advances, and market explorations into “enabling innovations” can bring companies closer to their goal and provide a long-lasting competitive edge.