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Embracing a Strategic Paradox

If handled well, conflicting demands in a business can be sources of creativity and opportunity.


Three Meaningful Strategies for Managing Rapid Change

Faced with rapid global, social, and marketplace changes, companies need effective ways to adapt.


Competing Through Joint Innovation

The Chinese telecom company Huawei has used strategic partnerships to gain ground in Europe.


New C-Suite Mantra: ‘What’s Your Play?’

Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy

Frontiers |

February 14, 2017 | Didier Bonnet and Pete Maulik

Too many big companies are formulating their growth strategies using traditional planning approaches — yearly cycles, historical analytics, incremental thinking. The velocity that characterizes this new digital economy means this kind of growth planning is obsolete. To assert digital dominance, big companies need to capitalize on their ability to do things the disruptors can’t — like plan globally and mobilize considerable resources.

Identifying Opportunities Around the Globe

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Today’s interconnected world requires new thinking about global strategies and opportunities. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about bringing a global perspective to business decisions is provided courtesy of Harvard Business School Executive Education.

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Business Model Innovation


Building a Business Creation Engine

A webinar presentation looks at how executives can improve their odds of success at business model innovation.


How Blockchain Will Change Organizations

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Blockchain technology offers a way to transfer not just information, but value.


Managing Tensions Between New and Existing Business Models

Staying competitive may mean exploring new business models — but watch out for internal tensions.


The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation

Successful business model innovation requires an understanding of how business models evolve.


Strategic Use of Data


Developing Strategy Within the Business


How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy

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More than one strategy can lead to digital success — but solid operations support is essential.


When Strategy Walks Out the Door

Companies that overlook their employees as sources of strategic insight may find themselves losing talent – and key ideas.


Rise of the Strategy Machines

Frontiers |

While humans may be ahead of computers in the ability to create strategy today, we shouldn’t be complacent about our dominance.


How to Be a Strategic Leader

Strategic leadership is key to long-term success and can be learned, says Stanford’s Jesper Sørensen.

Bringing Innovation To Market

Organizing for New Technologies

Responding to disruptive technologies may mean changing your company’s organizational structure.