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Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy

A new approach to scenario planning can help companies reframe their long-term strategies.


The Critical Difference Between Complex and Complicated

When you manage complex problems as if they’re complicated, you’re setting your company up to fail.


The Flare and Focus of Successful Futurists

Forecasting is recognizing how current patterns may impact the future — and it’s a learnable skill.


Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

The authors examine how managers can combine a sophisticated understanding of human decision making with technology-enabled insights to make smarter choices in the face of uncertainty and complexity. Integrating the two streams of knowledge is not easy, but once management teams learn how to blend them, the advantages can be substantial.


What Is the Role of the Board?

The Board’s Role in Share Repurchases

Many companies’ decisions about share repurchases are handled mainly by management rather than boards — with repercussions for capital allocation. Boards should carefully balance the capital needed for repurchases against its use in value creation via internal development or external acquisitions — and be skeptical of repurchase programs financed by debt rather than profits.

The Downside to Full Board Independence

High-profile accounting and corporate governance scandals have resulted in significant changes in the structure of corporate boards of directors, in particular the development of independent boards in which the CEO is the only employee director. The downside: Independent board members may not understand the business well enough to make optimal strategic decisions.


Business Model Diversification


What You Need to Know Before Starting a Platform Business

Frontiers |

There’s probably never been a better time for platform businesses. But they aren’t easy to launch.


Building a Winning Business Model Portfolio

Business model diversification requires careful assessments of each model’s strategic contributions.


Three Meaningful Strategies for Managing Rapid Change

Faced with rapid global, social, and marketplace changes, companies need effective ways to adapt.


Achieving Strategic Goals Through Alliances

Competing Through Joint Innovation

The Chinese telecom company Huawei has used strategic partnerships to gain ground in Europe.

Navigating the Patent Minefield Through Consortia

Tech consortia help reduce patent risk, but managers must weigh the pros and cons for innovation.

How to Manage Alliances Strategically

A strategic framework that eliminates faulty assumptions can help make alliances successful.

The Art of Managing Complex Collaborations

Biomarkers Consortium, a public-private partnership in the health industry, presents five lessons in managing collaboration.

Strategy in a Digital World

The Best Response to Digital Disruption

April 6, 2017 | Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck

Although digitization’s disruptive influence is growing rapidly, there’s surprisingly little empirical evidence on the magnitude of digital disruption — nor any showing how companies are reacting on a broad scale. A new global survey of C-suite executives looks at how digitization unfolds across industries and how incumbents are responding. With some notable exceptions, the answer is: “Not well.”

Paths to Success in Global Markets



How Industry Compression Affects Your Business

The Big Squeeze: How Compression Threatens Old Industries

March 23, 2017 | Omar Abbosh, Paul Nunes, Vedrana Savic, and Michael Moore

Accelerating compression of both revenues and profits may rapidly prove fatal to traditional businesses. Consider the accelerating decline of voice calls as a means of communicating via mobile telephone: From 2013 to 2015, average mobile voice revenue per user declined globally by 19%, and a further decline of 26% is expected through 2020. To stave off disaster, incumbents must transform and renew their core operations — while also growing into new businesses and industries.