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When Strategy Walks Out the Door

Companies that overlook their employees as sources of strategic insight may find themselves losing talent – and key ideas.


How to Manage Alliances Strategically

A strategic framework that eliminates faulty assumptions can help make alliances successful.


Stop Jumping to Solutions!

To get the best results from a decision matrix, managers should expand the options used to frame it.

Changing Your Business Model

The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation

September 13, 2016 | Clayton M. Christensen, Thomas Bartman, and Derek van Bever

Attempts at business model innovation have led to both repeated failures as well as seemingly inexplicable successes — and few formulas to help guide business leaders. Yet a study of both failures and successes shows that the journey to successful innovation is predictable, although “travel time” differs by industry and circumstance. The manager’s dilemma is to identify whether the journey is one the company wants — or needs — to take.

Global Strategy

Harnessing the Best of Globalization

Globalization offers significant opportunities, yet most companies approach key decisions haphazardly. Although the complexity of globalization means managers rarely can fully analyze a global business opportunity before they need to act, the basic tensions in global business models are straightforward. A simple analysis of global ventures along these dimensions can help entrepreneurs develop clearer expectations and decision-making processes.

Second Thoughts on Second Sourcing

Multi-sourcing can lessen the risk of supply chain disruption. But it introduces new risks of its own. Companies should explore five questions before moving forward: Are all the sources in the same geographic area? What will it cost to develop a second supplier? How compatible is the alternative source? Are the additional CSR risks worth it? And will primary suppliers start holding back their new innovations?



Strategies for Organizational Change


Integrating Supply and Demand

Joining the supply and demand sides of an enterprise presents an opportunity for efficiency and value creation.


Achieving Resilience

Strategies for Business Resilience

September 20, 2016 | Gregory Unruh

Companies can continue creating value in the face of disasters, both natural and man-made, when they develop community resilience strategies.

Managing Risk


The New Rules For Crisis Management

The rise of stakeholder-controlled media outlets complicates corporate crisis management strategies.


Finding a Lower-Risk Path to High-Impact Innovations

High-impact innovations have built-in uncertainty — but careful strategizing can reduce the risk.


Why It Pays to Become a Rule Maker

Businesses have the potential to be rule makers as well as players in establishing environmental regulations.


Lessons from Kunduz: Prevent Disaster by Paying Attention to the Little Picture

Organizations that fail to heed their vulnerabilities are more likely encounter catastrophes.

Becoming a Better Strategist


Mastering Strategy

How can executives develop their skills as strategists? One way is to learn from the masters.