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Interactive: Customer-Focused KPIs Fuel the Future of Business

What sets leading companies apart is not so much the number of metrics they track but how they use them to better engage customers — and thereby grow their businesses.


Master the Challenges of Multichannel Pricing

Retailers have new challenges in getting customers to accept different prices on different channels.

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Your Customers May Be the Weakest Link in Your Data Privacy Defenses

Apps that encourage users to share contact information expose companies to a huge security liability.


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“Big Data Is Driving New Opportunity”

Digital transformation comes in many forms. New technologies are not only changing the services and products companies can provide, but also how companies provide them, and how they do business with one another. The three articles in this collection provide guidance on how companies can explore opportunities for growth, whether it be through new processes, products, or applications. (Registration required.)

Articles included:

Is Your Company Ready for a Digital Future?
By Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner

Finding Applications for Technologies Beyond the Core Business
By Erwin Danneels and Federico Frattini

Your Company Doesn't Need a Digital Strategy
By George Westerman

Discover More Value in Your IoT Data
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The Best of Both Worlds

Beyond the Speed-Price Trade-Off

Frontiers |

May 8, 2018 | Jason Acimovic, Michael K. Lim, and Ho-Yin Mak

In response to increasing consumer demands for faster deliveries without added cost, more companies are implementing IT solutions that enable access to real-time sales data and inventory data across the whole enterprise. Real-time sales and inventory information, coupled with advanced analytics enables networks to accommodate fluctuations and changes in the business environment quickly, a quality the authors call distribution agility.

Getting Value From Data

What’s Your Data Worth?

Many organizations need to develop greater expertise at valuing their data assets.


Data-Driven HR Management

Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics?

Frontiers |

Companies have yet to apply analytics to human resources — but that’s about to change. And lessons learned in applying analytics to customer-focused areas can help avoid mistakes in strategic workforce decisions.

A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Future Leaders

Frontiers |

Many executives believe they are good at identifying leadership talent. However, when asked how they make their decisions, they often cite intuition or “gut” instincts. Social science research, on the other hand, suggests that individuals are often prone to cognitive biases in such decisions. Rather than just relying on the subjective opinions of executives, some companies are using assessment tools to identify high-potential talent.


Analytics and Innovation


How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation in 2018

A new survey reports companies are now seeing a direct correlation between big data and AI success.


Research Findings: Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

In this webinar, MIT SMR authors Sam Ransbotham and David Kiron discussed why data governance is becoming more and more important to analytical innovators.


Creating Better Innovation Measurement Practices

Improving a company’s measurement of innovation requires a holistic view of its innovation process.



MIT SMR’s Global Research Surveys

Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

The 2017 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review finds that companies that embraced analytics have begun to find new ways to derive strategic benefit from analytics.

The Talent Dividend

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.

The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.

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Faster Results From Supply Chain Analytics

In this webinar, MIT SMR authors discuss steps supply chain executives can take to make supply chain analytics a transformational and competitive resource in their organizations.

Platform Strategy and the Internet of Things

In this webinar, Professor Marshall Van Alstyne discusses how platform strategy and IoT combine to produce value for all players in the ecosystem.

Case Studies: Innovation Through Analytics


GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics

An MIT SMR case study looks at how GE is remaking itself from a traditional manufacturer into a leader of the Industrial Internet.


Data-Driven City Management

Data and analytics promise to improve urban living. But are cities ready?


A Data-Driven Approach to Customer Relationships

South Africa’s Nedbank uses analytics to help its clients reassess their customer relationships.


When Health Care Gets a Healthy Dose of Data

American health care is undergoing a data-driven transformation — and Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare is leading the way.