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The Coming Consumer Data Wars

Tough new EU data security laws mean that consumers’ data is about to become more valuable.


Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge

Some multinationals have a winning India strategy that involves both local and global value chains.


The Next Wave of Business Models in Asia

Many Asian startups are competing on business model innovation and new technology rather than cost.


Global Supply Chains

Sustainable Procurement Requires Perseverance

Your company’s commitment to sustainability depends on finding sustainable suppliers. What if there aren’t any? Such situations may arise more often than not — so keeping your commitment to a sustainable supply chain may mean taking a long view by making incremental improvements and encouraging suppliers to examine and change their own practices.


Connecting With China

Image courtesy of Flickr user Ming Xia.

Partnering With Startups

Engaging With Startups in Emerging Markets

December 2, 2016 | Shameen Prashantham and George S. Yip

For large multinationals, forging effective partnerships with emerging-market startups is complicated. Traits that make startups attractive as partners also make it hard for large companies to engage with them. Looking at startups in India, China, and South Africa, researchers identify key factors inhibiting emerging market partnerships and offer strategies for addressing them.


Leading Global Companies


The Five Steps All Leaders Must Take in the Age of Uncertainty

Leaders must move beyond managing their own firms to become active influencers within broader systems.


Leading to Become Obsolete

Frontiers |

Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin is transforming a manufacturing giant into a platform for entrepreneurship.


The Need for Culture Neutrality

Frontiers |

As firms work with increasingly diverse arrays of people, they need to adopt leadership standards that cross geographies.


Global Business Strategy

Harnessing the Best of Globalization

September 13, 2016 | William R. Kerr

Globalization offers significant opportunities, yet most companies approach key decisions haphazardly. Although the complexity of globalization means managers rarely can fully analyze a global business opportunity before they need to act, the basic tensions in global business models are straightforward. A simple analysis of global ventures along these dimensions can help entrepreneurs develop clearer expectations and decision-making processes.