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Featured Strategy Articles


Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy

Manufacturers may be able to charge higher prices to customers planning to rent out big-ticket items.


Building Scalable Business Models

Many successful companies today leverage business model scalability to achieve profitable growth.


What Sets Breakthrough Strategies Apart

Innovative strategies depend more on novel, well-reasoned theories than on well-crunched numbers.


How to Test Your Assumptions

When you’re developing a strategy for a new business, testing assumptions in your plan in a logical order gives you the best chance to make course corrections early — and not waste time and money.

Competitive Strategies for the Digital Marketplace


Analytics Strategy

Sustaining Advantage With Transitory Technologies

Just when you have your data collection and analysis systems in place, technology changes mean that your company needs new, updated systems. This is a problem for many companies — but it can also be an opportunity. Organizations that work with data from old and new equipment can learn more about the shortcomings that modern techniques have in this context and can gain advantage in developing tools that no one else has.


Protecting Your Company’s Data


The Board’s Role in Managing Cybersecurity Risks

Frontiers |

Within organizations, cybersecurity needs to be everyone’s business — including the board’s.


Safeguard Your Organization’s IoT Initiatives

IoT-enabled devices are the new weakest link in data security — and companies need to address this now.


To Improve Cybersecurity, Think Like a Hacker

To combat cyberattacks, companies need to understand both hackers’ tactics and their mindsets.


What Executives Get Wrong About Cybersecurity

Frontiers |

If you think the biggest cybersecurity threat most businesses face is credit card theft, think again.

Strategies for Improved Innovation

Creating Better Innovation Measurement Practices

Finding the right metrics to track innovation is by no means straightforward. To steer clear of common mistakes, executives need a holistic perspective on their company’s innovation process.

Developing Innovative Solutions Through Internal Crowdsourcing

Internal crowdsourcing, which seeks to channel the ideas and expertise of the company’s own employees, allows employees to interact dynamically with coworkers in other locations, propose new ideas, and suggest new directions to management. Because many large companies have pockets of expertise and knowledge scattered across different locations, harnessing the cognitive diversity within organizations can open up rich new sources of innovation.


Series: Developing and Executing Corporate Strategy

How to Develop Strategy for Execution

Strategy works best if you determine your vision and vulnerabilities, then set business priorities.

Four Logics of Corporate Strategy

In developing corporate strategy, leaders need clarity on how business units fit into the big picture.

How to Recognize a Strategic Priority When You See One

Financial reports provide critical insights into a company’s strategy — if you know where to look.

Turning Strategy Into Results

How can leaders translate strategic complexity into simple and flexible guidelines that get results?

Academic Partnerships

Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships With Universities

December 6, 2017 | Lars Frølund, Fiona Murray, and Max Riedel

Collaborations between companies and universities are critical drivers of the innovation economy. As many corporations look to open innovation to augment their internal R&D efforts, universities have become essential partners. However, companies often struggle to establish and run university partnerships effectively.