Focus On: Digital Business


Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

To prepare for digital disruption, companies need to consider which of four business models to adapt.


Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation

The 2015 Digital Business Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte identifies strategy, not technology, as the key driver of success in the digital arena.


When Health Care Gets a Healthy Dose of Data

American health care is undergoing a data-driven transformation — and Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare is leading the way.


Infographic: Transforming the Digital Enterprise

An infographic provides highlights of MIT SMR's 2015 digital business report and illustrates the importance of digital maturity.


Innovation and Geography

What to Know About Locating in a Cluster

September 1, 2015 | Willy C. Shih and Sen Chai

A study of two industry clusters in Denmark shows that the factors that can make clusters attractive — easy people movement and knowledge spillovers — can also make it harder for individual companies to retain proprietary knowledge. The authors present two case studies that present starkly different experiences. They conclude, in part, that clusters with core platform strengths that span noncompeting sectors are exceptionally attractive and that healthy clusters have core institutions with scale and scope in relevant fields.

Insights Into Innovation

Companies are embracing innovation in every aspect of operations, from their relationship to their product category to the ways they find and test new ideas.


New in Marketing


Marketing In Five Dimensions

With the explosion of new technologies comes a new universe of data — and Epsilon is helping businesses navigate it.


MIT SMR Winning Article on Planned Change

The 2015 Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize

August 19, 2015 | MIT Sloan Management Review

This year’s winning article is “Combining Purpose With Profits,” by Julian Birkinshaw, Nicolai J. Foss, and Siegwart Lindenberg. The authors examine a familiar question for managers: How can the tension between purpose and profits be best managed? The article explores the kinds of structures companies need to pursue "pro-social" goals. The Beckhard Prize is awarded annually to the authors of the most outstanding MIT SMR article on planned change and organizational development.

Building Employee Engagement


Measuring the Benefits of Employee Engagement

Research suggests that high levels of employee engagement are associated with higher rates of profitability growth.


Would Your Employees Recommend You?

The answer to that simple question may reveal a lot about your organization.


Salary, Benefits, Bonus … and Being

It’s not enough to offer great pay and benefits anymore. Employees want their workplace to reflect and support who they are.


Reinventing Employee Onboarding

Employee orientation practices that focus on individual identity can lower employee turnover.

New in Data & Analytics


Telling Data’s Story With Graphics

Graphic presentations of data are making it easier for sales people to see how they’re performing.


At This Education Nonprofit, A Is for Analytics

Chicago nonprofit Christopher House uses data to drive outcomes in providing education services to low-income families.