Special Report: Keeping Complex Projects on Track


Reducing Unwelcome Surprises in Project Management

A project’s “unknown unknowns” can be reduced through both product design approaches and behavioral approaches.


From the Editor: Expecting the Unexpected in Project Management

The Spring 2015 issue of MIT SMR highlights project management — and the importance of expecting the unexpected.


What Successful Project Managers Do

Successful project managers often combine elements of traditional and agile approaches to project management.


Accelerating Projects by Encouraging Help

Making it safe to be honest about when projects are getting off track can promote cooperative behavior.

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Special Collection: "Keeping Complex Projects on Track"

How can you increase the probability that the large and complex projects you lead or sponsor go well? Four MIT SMR articles offer new insights from leading researchers on project management:

How Executive Sponsors Influence Project Success
By Timothy J. Kloppenborg and Debbie Tesch

Accelerating Projects by Encouraging Help
By Fabian J. Sting, Christoph H. Loch and Dirk Stempfhuber

What Successful Project Managers Do
By Alexander Laufer, Edward J. Hoffman, Jeffrey S. Russell and Scott W. Cameron

Reducing Unwelcome Surprises in Project Management
By Tyson R. Browning and Ranga V. Ramasesh

Making Better Decisions


UMT360 brings you a free collection of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on project management success.


Machine-Learning Technology and Musical Choice

Analytics in E Major

February 24, 2015 | Jim Lucchese (CEO, The Echo Nest), interviewed by Sam Ransbotham

The Echo Nest, a self-described “music intelligence” company recently acquired by Spotify, uses machine-learning technology to connect people with music. “At our core,” says CEO Jim Lucchese, “what we’re trying to do is what a great deejay does, or the friend that you rely on musically: to better understand who you are as a fan.” In a Q&A, Lucchese describes how the company merges machine learning and cultural analytics to describe music in an analytics-friendly way and help users find new music they’ll enjoy.

Are You a Steady Hand in a Sea of Uncertainty?

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Leaders need to be prepared to handle whatever comes their way — from sharp changes in the competitive landscape to unexpected external crises to internal projects that veer off course. Open access to this group of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on managing uncertainty is provided courtesy of Wharton Executive Education.


Are You a ‘Vigilant Leader’?

CEOs need to scan for the faint — but vital — signals that will help give their companies an edge.


New in Data & Analytics


Minding the Analytics Gap

Increased access to data can be turned into better decision making by focusing on both the production and consumption of analytics.


Sustaining an Analytics Advantage

Companies that are experienced in using analytics successfully offer five lessons for corporate leaders.


Are Data Scientists Really a Breed Apart?

What differentiates data scientists from other quantitative analysts? It's partly their skill set and partly their mind set.


If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now

By 2020, most new data will be generated not by people but by sensors and embedded, intelligent devices.

Cultivating Teamwork

Our new Spring 2015 issue has a special report on project management. These articles also look at ways of thinking about engagement and consensus building.


When Consensus Hurts the Company

Research offers insights into when trying to reach consensus is the right course, and when it isn’t.


Get Ready For Digital Transformation


Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation

By using mobile devices, social media, analytics and the cloud, savvy companies are transforming the way they do business.


Video: The Digital Transformation of Health Care

Lori Beer, EVP of WellPoint, discusses how digital technologies are changing health care.


The Nine Obstacles to Digital Transformation

When leaders manage effectively, technology transformation becomes achievable.


Thriving in a Big Data World

Three recent books offer expert perspectives on the increasing power and importance of analytics.