Special Report: Keeping Complex Projects on Track


What Successful Project Managers Do

Successful project managers often combine elements of traditional and agile approaches to project management.


How Executive Sponsors Influence Project Success

The role of project sponsors is often overlooked, but actively engaged executives are crucial to a project’s success.


Accelerating Projects by Encouraging Help

Making it safe to be honest about when projects are getting off track can promote cooperative behavior.


Reducing Unwelcome Surprises in Project Management

A project’s “unknown unknowns” can be reduced through both product design approaches and behavioral approaches.

Creating a New Strategic Direction

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Adapting to the Sharing Economy

New strategies are helping companies embrace “collaborative consumption” and the "sharing economy."


Dethroning an Established Platform

The experiences of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Gmail offer four keys for entering platform markets.


Which Strategy When?

Managers must figure out when it’s best to pursue strategies of position, leverage or opportunity.


Work-Life Demands of the Next Generation

Salary, Benefits, Bonus … and Being

May 12, 2015 | Gregory Unruh

At the 2015 Milken Global Conference, attracting and retaining talent is a hot topic. It used to be that the job negotiation formula was simple: salary, benefits and bonus. But that’s not enough anymore. The next generation wants something different from their work life than their predecessors — a more self-actualizing experience — and corporations are scrambling to decipher the keys to keeping employees engaged.


Talent Management


When Is an Outsider CEO a Good Choice?

There are circumstances in which outsider CEOs may outperform CEOs who came up through the ranks.


Does Your Boss Want You to Sleep?

Being fresh for the work day requires prioritizing sleep — which organizations can do a better job encouraging.


Would Your Employees Recommend You?

The answer to that simple question may reveal a lot about your organization.


Why Giving Employees Paid, Unstructured Time Pays Off

Research in creativity shows that giving employees unstructured time — on company time — is a concrete way to reward innovative activity.

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Winning With Data


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New in Social Business

Companies are embracing social business tools for way more than marketing. Uses include internal collaboration and communication with an array of external constituencies.


Are You Part of the Email Problem?

Over-reliance on email is sapping people’s time and energy, says author Phil Simon. There are better ways to do things.


Thinking Outside the [Penalty] Box

The NHL’s following on Pinterest outscores all other sports leagues. Its secret: a mastery of social media strategy.


Experimentation as Innovation Tool


A Business Plan? Or a Journey to Plan B?

From Apple to Twitter, some of the most successful businesses are not what their inventors originally envisioned.


The Experimental Roots of Revolutionary Vision

The history of the Swedish retailer IKEA illustrates the role that adaptation and experimentation play in the development of an innovative strategy.


Embrace Your Ignorance

The overconfidence of presumed expertise is counterproductive. Instead, data trumps intuition.


Innovation Process Benefits: The Journey as Reward

What motivates volunteers to take part in innovation projects?