Special Report: Digital Business


Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

To prepare for digital disruption, companies need to consider which of four business models to adapt.


How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Ideas

There's a link between the amount of diversity in employees’ Twitter networks and the quality of their ideas.


Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Future?

Research by MIT SMR shows that effective digital strategy is strongly associated with a company's overall digital maturity.


From the Editor: Reflections on Change and Continuity

The Summer 2015 issue of MIT SMR highlights how digital business plays out in strategy, innovation and business transformation.

Creating a New Strategic Direction

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What does it take to chart a new strategic vision for an organization — and then put it into action? Open access to this group of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on how companies are embracing change and developing innovative strategy is provided courtesy of Columbia Business School Executive Education.


Adapting to the Sharing Economy

New strategies are helping companies embrace “collaborative consumption” and the "sharing economy."


Dethroning an Established Platform

The experiences of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Gmail offer four keys for entering platform markets.


Which Strategy When?

Managers must figure out when it’s best to pursue strategies of position, leverage or opportunity.


Operations: Supply Chains

Integrating Supply and Demand

June 16, 2015 | Wendy L. Tate, Diane Mollenkopf, Theodore Stank and Andrea Lago da Silva

To compete in different strategic segments at the same time, companies need close coordination between the sales side of the company and supply chain operations. Just as importantly, joining the supply and demand sides of an enterprise presents an opportunity for efficiency and value creation. "A company may have an excellent sales and marketing team and a top-flight operations team and still deliver the wrong benefits to a customer," the authors note. This article includes an online questionnaire for assessing the current stage of your company’s demand and supply integration, with suggestions for how to improve.


"Leadership Is Not a Solo Act"


Rethinking Leadership

Businesses need a new approach to the practice of leadership — and to leadership development.


Accelerating Projects by Encouraging Help

Making it safe to be honest about when projects are getting off track can promote cooperative behavior.


Developing Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

Human resources executives believe the next generation of global executives will be more diverse.


The Elements of Good Leadership

What does it take to be an effective leader in today’s unpredictable and uncertain business environments?

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Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

In fast-paced industries, companies should think of strategy as an iterative loop. Author Donald N. Sull draws on his study of dozens of companies in volatile markets to outline a strategy loop framework with four essential steps.

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New in Data & Analytics


The Talent Dividend

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.


Focus On: Intellectual Property


Developing Effective Intellectual Property Partnerships

There are five options for structuring intellectual property partnerships, ranging from licensing to joint ventures.


Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Companies doing business in China need to manage their intellectual property vulnerabilities proactively.


How to Create Productive Partnerships With Universities

Companies can improve collaborations with universities by giving more thought to relationship structure.


The Case for Standard Measures of Patent Quality

The current approach to measuring patent quality is not serving the world’s patent systems.