Special Report: Strategy in Changing Markets


Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives

In turbulent markets, managers can build momentum for innovative strategies by rethinking the past, reconsidering present concerns – and reimagining the future.


The Opportunity Paradox

How can managers best meet the challenge of capturing new growth opportunities?


How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.


From the Editor: Strategy in the Midst of Change

How do you develop strategy in a business environment exemplified by rapid change and uncertainty about the future?


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SAS brings you a free MIT Sloan Management Review article on creating business value with data scientists.

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

There's a lot of talk about how rare and valuable data scientists are — and, in an analytics-driven business world, it's true. But beware: Data scientists aren't unicorns, and expecting them to magically deliver important business findings will only lead to disappointment.

Customize Our Social Business Survey Data

2014 Social Business Interactive Tool

September 24, 2014

The 2014 Business Global Executive Study and Research Project, conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, finds that companies across industries are creating value with social business. Eight interactive charts explore how survey respondents say their companies are using social business to transform their organizations and reap greater gains from their social business efforts. Drill down by industry, country, business function and more to create your own customized charts.

New in Data & Analytics


Training the Next Generation of Business Analytics Professionals

North Carolina State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics is the first business analytics program in the country — and way ahead of its time. Its founder, Michael Rappa, explains how it came about.


The Four Traps of Predictive Analytics

Companies seeking to use analytics for predictive decision making commonly make these four errors.


Data Analytics Makes the Transition From Novelty to Commodity

Sam Ransbotham predicts four key changes will follow when using analytics becomes a routine practice.


Does Your Company Collect Data — Or Hoard It?

The impulse to collect and store all data on the off chance it might be useful is counterproductive.

21st Century Business Models

Business plans and the accompanying business models face tough scrutiny from investors and partnering companies. These articles look at today's creative approaches to company building.


How Analytics Can Transform Business Models

By delivering deep analytical insights to its clients, Entravision was able to enter new markets.