Special Report: Strategy in Changing Markets


The Opportunity Paradox

How can managers best meet the challenge of capturing new growth opportunities?


Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives

In turbulent markets, managers can build momentum for innovative strategies by rethinking the past, reconsidering present concerns – and reimagining the future.


How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.


From the Editor: Strategy in the Midst of Change

How do you develop strategy in a business environment exemplified by rapid change and uncertainty about the future?


Project Management Strategies


How to Compensate For Overoptimistic Project Leaders

Leaders can avoid unhappy project status surprises if they understand how — and why — people avoid sharing bad news.


The Question Every Project Team Should Answer

Asking why before you begin a project raises its chances of success.


Why Every Project Needs a Brand (and How to Create One)

Project leaders should frame projects the same way marketing managers frame branding efforts.


The Secrets to Managing Business Analytics Projects

It takes a special breed of project manager to execute business analytics projects.

Leveraging Data

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Increasingly, people and products — websites, objects, services — can be represented as a set of data characteristics. Open access to this group of MIT SMR articles on managing those data sets to meet customer need is provided courtesy of Cognizant.

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Do You Need a Data Dictator?

Keeping track of data and creating value from it may require more than technology.

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Digital Marketing: Mobile Ads That Work

How Effective Is Location-Targeted Mobile Advertising?

October 21, 2014 | Zheng Fang, Xueming Luo and Megan E. Keith

New research shows that mobile advertising targeted to consumers based on their locations can be effective. This is particularly the case with customers who have shown a high level of interest in the type of product being shown to them. Researchers also think that some users might simply need more time to evaluate the trustworthiness of an app or offer — suggesting that marketers might see delayed responses to location targeted mobile ads.

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SAS brings you a free MIT Sloan Management Review article on creating business value with data scientists.

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

There's a lot of talk about how rare and valuable data scientists are — and, in an analytics-driven business world, it's true. But beware: Data scientists aren't unicorns, and expecting them to magically deliver important business findings will only lead to disappointment.

New in Data & Analytics


At Amadeus, Finding Data Science Talent Is Just the Beginning

A company that wants to successfully use analytics needs to make sure its data scientists are fully integrated into business units.


Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

To create real business value, top management must learn how to manage data scientists effectively.


Training the Next Generation of Business Analytics Professionals

NC State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics is the first business analytics program in the country — and way ahead of its time.


Analytical Value From Data That Cries Wolf

It’s never a good idea to assume your dataset is capturing all the information you need to make good decisions — but there are ways to mitigate uncertainty.

Weighing Outsourcing vs. Reshoring

Companies around the world weigh the advantages and disadvantages of keeping operations geographically close to home. These three articles offer three perspectives on how to think about global operations.


The Outsourcing Compulsion

The colonization of American manufacturing by distributors has pushed U.S. companies overseas.