Strategy in Changing Markets


The Opportunity Paradox

How can managers best meet the challenge of capturing new growth opportunities?


How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.


From the Editor: Strategy in the Midst of Change

How do you develop strategy in a business environment exemplified by rapid change and uncertainty about the future?


Strategic Choices in Converging Industries

How can companies protect themselves when industries converge?


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The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

Will your next big IT project be on time and deliver what was promised? Maybe — but maybe not. Accepting five inconvenient truths about project status reporting can greatly reduce the chance of being blindsided by unpleasant surprises.

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The Value of Team-Based Contests

Bringing Fun and Creativity to Work

September 16, 2014 | Hari Kumar and Satish Raghavendran

How do you inspire employees to become more motivated and perform better? By challenging them to test their creativity and collaboration skills through a team-based contest. “The contest provided a safe environment for participants to unleash their imaginations and form an emotional connection,” write the authors. “That, in turn, triggered an increased level of psychological ownership and positive feelings.“

New in Sustainability


How Sprint Negotiates Sustainability

For Sprint’s Amy Hargroves, putting sustainability into practice means changing the business environment as well as business practices.


Asia Pulp & Paper and Greenpeace: Building New Directions, Together

Asia Pulp’s Aida Greenbury describes the unexpected partnership that emerged when her company sat down to negotiate with Greenpeace.


The Risks and Responsibilities of Tech Innovation

New tech can create new hazards for users — and for companies. Here’s how to limit the risk.


Bridging the Sustainability Gap

Measuring sustainability’s impact on revenue, productivity and risk would speak to mainstream investors.

Marketing Through Social Media

Increasingly, marketing in the social media world — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more — means carefully engaging and delighting customers. Get it right, and customers will do the selling for you. Get it wrong, and the wrath of the Internet will rain down on your brand.


The Multiplier Effect of Social Business Tools

B. Bonin Bough oversees social media for Oreo, Ritz and Cadbury — big brands with big activity in the social world.


The Art of Selling with Social Tools

As daily life goes digital, Hearsay Social develops a social media platform to generate sales leads.