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How Organizations Will Produce in an Autonomous Future

Can AI-enabled automation replace your company’s entire labor force?

Artificial intelliegence chat bot technology

Rethink AI Objectives

Using AI to create humanlike computers is a shortsighted goal.

RPA Robotic progress automatisation concept illustration. Human vs Robot. Robot pointing the right direction for business development

What’s Your Cognitive Strategy?

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While executives agree that cognitive technologies are a disruptive force, few companies have a strategy to address them.


Webinar: Getting the Most from AI

Five Strategies for Getting the Most From AI

May 14, 2018 | Jacques Bughin and Paul Michelman

Using industry examples and findings from the McKinsey Global Institute’s research, presenter Jacques Bughin describes the current state of AI and offers strategies for maximizing its potential.

The Digital Supply Chain

Can Your Supply Chain Hear Me Now?

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As conversational commerce becomes embedded into company operations, it has the potential to bring supply chains closer to customers, employees, and senior management.

Beyond the Speed-Price Trade-Off

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In response to increasing consumer demands for faster deliveries without added cost, more companies are implementing IT solutions that enable access to real-time sales data and inventory data across the whole enterprise. Real-time sales and inventory information, coupled with advanced analytics enables networks to accommodate fluctuations and changes in the business environment quickly, a quality the authors call distribution agility.


Technology and Workplace Processes


Video: How Key Performance Indicators Shape IT Solutions

Move Beyond KPI Accountability

May 15, 2018 | Dr. John Halamka

To better serve doctors, patients, and the community, clinicians and executives should both have a voice in setting a hospital’s goals.


Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy

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The Machine–Human Interface

Want the Best Results From AI? Ask a Human

Frontiers |

May 14, 2018 | Bhaskar Ghosh, Kishore Durg, Arati Deo, and Mallika Fernandes

Companies are adopting artificial intelligence at an accelerated pace — and learning that developing and deploying AI is not like implementing a standard software program. Before diving into AI systems, companies should consider three principles that can greatly improve the chances for a successful outcome. First, they need to recognize that humans and machines are in this together. Second, they need to teach the AI systems with a lot of data. And third, they need to continually test what the systems have learned.

Video Series: Following the Digital Thread

Our eight-part video series explores how integrated digital technologies can transform business.

PROLOGUE: The Path Toward the Digital Enterprise

EPISODE 1: Revolutionizing Supply Chains

EPISODE 2: Creating a Smart Part and Managing Its Life Cycle

EPISODE 3: Augmenting Part Design With Topology Optimization

EPISODE 4: A Digital Safety Net

EPISODE 5: Fabricating Within the Digital Thread

EPISODE 6: Testing and Validation

EPISODE 7: How the Digital Thread Weaves Its Way Through the Business

EPISODE 8: The Digital Thread Takes Flight

EPILOGUE: Beyond Manufacturing