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Is Your Company Ready for a Digital Future?

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There are four different paths companies can take to become top performers in the digital economy.


Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy

Manufacturers may be able to charge higher prices to customers planning to rent out big-ticket items.


We Must Rescue ‘Win-Win’ From Its Buzzword Status

Companies often compete as members of networks, making collaboration essential for getting work done.


The Struggle Is Real

Surviving a Day Without Smartphones

Frontiers |

November 29, 2017 | Marcello Russo, Massimo Bergami, and Gabriele Morandin

For young adults accustomed to continually checking their cellphones, even a single day without access to them can be anxiety-producing. What are the implications for executives about managing this constantly connected generation – and their devices – in the workplace?

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Articles included:

Five Myths About Digital Transformation
By Stephen J. Andriole

Mastering the Digital Innovation Challenge
By Fredrik Svahn, Lars Mathiassen, Rikard Lindgren, and Gerald C. Kane

Using Artificial Intelligence to Set Information Free
By Reid Hoffman

Digital Transformation

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The Intersection of Machines and People



To Improve Cybersecurity, Think Like a Hacker

To protect their organizations from cyberthreats, companies need to understand how hackers go about their work. The authors’ research suggests that hackers’ attacks typically involve four steps: identifying vulnerabilities; scanning and testing; gaining access; and maintaining access.


Leading a Digital Business


CIOs and the Future of IT

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For digital success, CIOs must oversee all of IT, collaborating with marketers and business units.


Inspiring Employee Creativity

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In a thought-powered world, leaders must look beyond planning and execution and inspire ingenuity.


The Best Response to Digital Disruption

Companies with bold strategies in response to digitization will come out as winners.


Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy

When it comes to digital transformation, digital is not the answer. Transformation is.

Adapting to a Digital Environment

Surviving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem

November 17, 2017 | Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner

Companies today will have to reinvent themselves to survive, and every large and ambitious company should be trying to figure out how to become a destination for its customers. Consumers are voting with their mobile devices and choosing from a handful of dominant “ecosystem drivers”— businesses such as Amazon and WeChat, which become destinations for their customers’ needs by offering complementary or sometimes competing services — for each domain in their lives.

Digital Business Research Findings

Achieving Digital Maturity

Digitally maturing companies are achieving success by increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping their approach to talent.

Moving Beyond Marketing

The 2014 research report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte finds that measurement sophistication is finally taking hold in social business.

Embracing Digital Technology

The 2013 Digital Transformation Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting looks at the road to digital transformation.


Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy