Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Multitasking Is a Myth

The Impossibility of Focusing on Two Things at Once

April 9, 2018 | Morela Hernandez

Neurological science has demonstrated that brains are not hardwired to focus simultaneously on day-to-day activities and long-term objectives. In the workplace, that presents a challenge: How can employees maximize individual performance while enhancing organizational success? Research into employee behavior underscores the need for organizations to help employees familiarize themselves with perspectives not readily available in their current roles.

Privacy and Digital Platforms

With Great Platforms Comes Great Responsibility

In the wake of documented Russian manipulation of the U.S. election via disinformation campaigns on social media platforms, digital platform companies like Facebook and Twitter need to take concrete steps to prevent misuse.


Adapting Your Business Model


Building Scalable Business Models

Many successful companies today leverage business model scalability to achieve profitable growth.


The End of Scale

New technology-driven business models are undercutting the traditional advantages of economies of scale.


The Big Squeeze: How Compression Threatens Old Industries

Accelerating compression of both revenues and profits in some businesses can be fatal, and fast.


The Store Is Dead — Long Live the Store

Legacy offline stores and online retailers are each finding their way to a new kind of shopping experience: the showroom.


Securing Your Systems


Skillsets for the Digital Economy

The Time for Retraining Is Now

None of us know how our technological future will unfold. But whether there will be a net increase or decrease in jobs overall, it’s clear that these will be different jobs, requiring different skill sets. We need to act now to enable current employers and employees to gain the skills they are going to need in the brave world of AI technology.

Who’s Building the Infrastructure for Lifelong Learning?

Current trends in both human longevity and technological innovation raise the possibility of people living until 100 and working until they are 80. It’s clear that much will have to change — both in how people understand and anticipate the evolving nature of work, and how they then respond. Providing access to lifelong learning demands a complex system involving stakeholders in education, government, and the corporate world.



Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy